About Me


I am Pinal A. Desai, an Architect – Engineer

After graduating in 2013 and working as an Architect in India in, I developed a curiosity to know more about the technicalities of a good building. Thus, I went to TU Delft, the Netherlands where I learnt in depth about material behaviour, structural behaviour and sustainability and application to building industry. Here, I got interested in Facade track and sustainability in the present situation and a projected future, which was the focus of my graduation thesis. I took this knowledge to my professional environment in the Netherlands where I worked for almost 2 years before moving back to India. 

The panel on left guides through my academic works. my os relevant works are from my masters where, I learned much about material behaviours, Facade Design, Structure Design and Sustainability. I have also been able to combine my previous architecture knowledge with the technicals I learned in master to some extent in two projects during my mater education, namely: SWAT (redevelopment for urban public space) and Extreme (research station at Antarctica).