• New Facade for Pathe Cinema

    M.Sc Year 1. TU Delft.

    8 weeks


    As a part of Building Technology seminar, we were required to analyse the facade of the Pathe Cinema in Rotterdam and suggest a new facade that will solve the observed problems. This was to be shown by giving a construction drawing and structural design along with the climate design. Technical drawings of connection details were also required. Finally, a reflection based on two peer reviews concluded the project.

    Climate design:

    On analysis, it was observed that the facade allows alot of dust accumulation and hence, even though expenses would be made regularly in cleaning, the facade still looks covered in dust. Also, the internal climate is too hot in summer and too cold in winter. These factors need to be taken into account. The solution proposed was an unconventional double glass facade: one with a funnel effect for draft ventilation. Glass was selected which provides also the transparency and allows natural sunlight in the foyer and circulation spaces.

    Mechanical heating/cooling is enabled via the under floor polyethylene pipes connected in a parallel system. Water mixed with antifreeze liquid such as propylene glycol passes through the entire building and heats/cools the system via the heat exchanger placed well below the ground. Although the maximum temperature required for heating the liquid is about 29 degrees, the heat load is reduced considerably by the extracting the heat generated in the projector room and the screening rooms and transferring it to the foyer.

    Structure design:

    Steel was selected due to its ability of taking loads on minimal footprint. Steel framework with a spider system is used to compensate the weight of glass. To obtain a stable construction, a triangular system of steel column and under floor beam is used. Additional steel purlins are used in horizontal direction to counter the wind force. A hollow rectangular profile is chosen so that the connections can easily be made with clamps.

    Maintenance for cleaning is provided for both the size and installation of the double skin, including the louvers at the bottom. For the main structure, Steel profiles of 150x100mm, 3mm thick are used. For ease of transportation, all the sections have a maximum length of 3mts and are mass produced in factory and the components are assembled on site.