• Economically Viable Public Space

    Final Year B. Arch Graduation project The project was focused at bringing alive the existing public spaces by providing revenue-generating programs such as restaurants, markets and exhibition spaces. The site is located next to a creek and a former dumping ground. This project would be the first to provide a community space to the neighbourhood, which is a hub for tourists coming for Asia-wide renowned attractions.
  • Airport

    B.Arch: year 3 (2010)

    BSSA, NMIMS University

    Airports these days are designed to provide more and more comfort to the
    passenger. The experience of travel and long jet-hours tends to be exhaustive. As an
    architect, we were to provide a proposal that is experiential, non-exhaustive design

    For this project, a large span structure was required to obtain an unobstructed view,
    thus reinforcing the experience of an open plan. A shell structure was the ideal design. the
    spaces are divided as per security requirements. A major problem observed in airports is
    lack of foliage. This is resolved by a central intrinsic landscape and water-scape that not
    only cools the eye by the green presence, but also resonates the sound of water through-out the airport.

    The passengers and visitors will thus, experience a sensation of relaxation
    rather than boredom or the rush through endless lobbies. Thus, circulation also played an
    important role.

    The form was developed using rhino. a ribbed shell structure was structurally best
    viable option. Since the largest span at the centre is about 108 meters, a secondary arch
    spanning 30 meters right below the main arch helps support the extra span.